What Woman really wants...

Realizing you might not be what your wife really wants is like leaving the multiplex after seeing a Saturday afternoon movie: for a brief moment, the anonymity of the cool, darkened theater lets you imagine yourself as the hero, the irresistible object of the leading lady’s admiration and desire.

Now, as you step into the bright afternoon light, you blink, squint, shield your eyes from the glare and come back to earth. Your life seems insignificant and boring compared to the glamour of a Hollywood movie. You’re not a hero – far from it. It’s enough to make you race back inside and buy another ticket.

But reality sets in almost as soon as you leave the parking lot, and you fall back into the comforting normalcy of your life.

“I may not be Hollywood material,” you rationalize, “but I’m doing all right.”

Yet here you are reading this book, and it doesn’t matter whether you are reading out of curiosity or because your relationship makes you feel like you’re watching a horror flick. Regardless of the reason, take a moment to truthfully assess your marriage:

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are just one of countless married men who hasn’t figured out what their wives really want. And like most men, you have probably concluded there is nothing you can do to make your wife happy, because she is either controlling, neurotic, crazy, or just plain impossible to please.

Do you dream of a wife who:

How would your life be different with this sort of woman by your side? Would you be more productive? A kinder father? A better person? A happier man? Without a doubt.

Incredibly, your wife can once again become the woman of your dreams, often more quickly and easily than you might think. The fact is, most men are unaware of a single missing piece of the puzzle that is critical to their wife’s happiness – and they’re not alone, given that relationship books, couples counseling, and advice columns offer good advice but never accurately define the real problem.

What do women really want?

Women want trust, not uncertainty; stability without monotony. They want intimacy over familiarity; a lover more than a companion.

Simply stated, they want a man who can make them feel like a real woman.

Tough Alpha Males aren’t the answer because frankly, few women will tolerate a domineering man telling them what to do. Sensitive Modern Men can’t deliver either because they haven’t been able to keep pace with the evolution of women.

A 21st century woman wants a better man, one that has yet to be recognized or defined.

This book does just that – defines a new type of man that every woman really wants: The Sigma Male.

Fortunately, becoming a Sigma Male is remarkably simple because it is in complete alignment with your natural male instincts – the masculine blueprint society has beaten down and neutered. You can become a Sigma Male – often overnight – regardless of your personality or upbringing, without changing who you are, “gaming the system,” or spending hours in expensive counseling.

Becoming a Sigma Male will have an astonishing impact on your marriage. Not only have I experienced this transformation personally, but I have seen it work countless times in once-troubled marriages that are now whole and truly happy – often for the first time.

Do women really want a Sigma Male? Without exception.

Will this book help you become that man? Absolutely.

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